The Mission

CMW Services was birthed from the belief that businesses, paradigm shifting ideas, and next level programs are locked inside of the hearts and minds of innovators- waiting to be released.  Using strategic frameworks and methods as “keys”, CMW Services guides creators in unlocking vision and implementing what’s next. 

About Our Founder

Crystal Marie Wallace, MBA (CMW) serves as Founder and Chief Consulting Strategist of CMW Services.  Since childhood, Crystal has been fascinated with analyzing problems to create simplified, yet systematic solutions that meet strategic outcomes.  From organizing and  chairing  her first city-wide youth event at 12 years old, to devising strategic  DEI outreach programming for an equity investment non-profit,   Crystal always looks for the most optimal, yet efficient plan of action. 

Crystal’s expertise spans over 19 years of industry experience in Strategic Planning, IT, Project Management, Operations, Adult Education, Testing & Assessment, Training & Facilitation, Leadership Coaching and Entrepreneurial Support.  Her heart is with the start-up and the innovator.  Yet, she loves being able to assist more established organizations in expanding to new frontiers.  Ultimately, through CMW Services, Crystal will enable others to create sustainable wealth through systematic implementation. 

This  is the creative expression of Crystal’s vision.